Organization committee

The Swedish Global Health Conference 2020 is organized by Lund University and the Swedish Society of Medicine.



Anette Agardh is professor in global health and head of Social Medicine and Global Health at Lund University, where she leads the group’s research on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). She is also the leader of various SRHR projects involving research, capacity building, education and innovation in low- and middle-income countries in Asia and Africa. Her research focus is on SRHR, violence and sexual harassment, and vulnerable groups. She is also acting chair, Swedish Society of Medicine´s Committee for Global Health.


Coordinator – programme working group (parental leave until June 2020)

Helena Frielingsdorf Lundqvist, Chair Swedish Society of Medicine´s committee for global health. Helena is a psychiatrist who began her engagement in global health as a field worker with Medecins sans Frontieres in 2008. Currently, she is combining clinical work at the Medical Refugee Center in Norrköping with research and education in global health at Linköping University and the Karolinska Institute.


Coordinator – Nordic universities

Flemming Konradsen is professor of global environmental health and director, School of Global health at the University of Copenhagen. Konradsen is responsible for a number of programs aimed at building research and educational capacity at university level in Asia and Africa and has significant involvement with educational programs in East Africa, South Asia and the Nordic region. Flemming Konradsen has worked for international research organisations, universities, development NGOs and national research organizations.


Coordinator – students working group

Matilda Stjernqvist is a medical student at Lund University. Matilda is currently the secretary general for IFMSA Sweden. She is engaged in several student organiations and projects related to global health.


Coordinator – communications working group

Hana Awil is a Resident Physician, in Family Medicine, in Mora. She is currently a member of the Swedish Society of Medicine´s Committee on Global Health and former Global Health Secretary at the Swedish Society of Medicine´s Student and Junior Doctor Section, as well as former IFMSA Director on Human Rights and Peace and former IFMSA-Sweden President.


Coordinator – conference secretariat and acting coordinator programme working group (until June 2020)

Jesper Sundewall is associate researcher in Global Health at Lund University and Associate Professor of Health Economics at University of KwaZulu-Natal. His research focuses on the interlinkages between sexual and reproductive health and rights and universal health coverage.