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Call for workshop

SGHC 2020 strives to be a conference that truly embraces the contributions different disciplines can make to advancing global health. Global Health goes beyond medical sciences and we hope that this conference will contribute to challenging old, and offering new, perspectives and knowledge of relevance for this field.

We therefore welcome workshop proposal that are either:
– Linked to the conference theme of social innovation and multidisciplinary action.
– Broadly linked to global health and offering new perspectives and knowledge.

Organizers may submit proposals for workshop for 60-90 minutes duration. Accepted workshops will be allocated space either in the afternoon session November 24th, morning session November 25th or afternoon session November 25th.

The format for the workshop is flexible, but organizers should describe what type of workshop which is proposed in the proposal. We encourage participatory sessions such as roundtables, simulations, debates and “beehive” discussion that actively encourages audience participation. We also welcome traditional panel presentations, but organizers must allocate adequate time for audience discussion and interaction.


The workshop proposal should include the following information:

  • Workshop description, explaining what topics the workshop intends to cover and why they are important for global health. Word limit 250.
  • The purpose of the workshop and the key objectives the organizers would like to achieve with this workshop. Word limit 100.
  • Workshop contributors, including name, country, why they have been selected and which topics/issues they will cover in their presentations. Word limit 350.
  • Information about how the workshop will be run, the format and how you plan to engage the audience, what the flow of workshop will look like. Who will chair and who will moderate. Word limit 100.
  • A brief workshop description that will feature in the Symposium program if your session is accepted. Word limit 50.

Workshop proposals should be submitted by 15 June 2020.
Selected Workshop will be notified by 15 August 2020.